Most people think that having discipline is having the perseverance to do what you don’t like doing. Perhaps that is true, but…

          In a world where the demands of your work take most of your time, it is getting easier spend most of your days, including weekends, doing what you don’t want to do (otherwise you might get fired, mind you!) than spending time doing something you love. Lost in those deadlines and those “I don’t have enough time”, doing the things you want get relegated to “I’ll do it sometime during the weekend” or at some other time…

          Someone just told me that discipline is finding the time during your daily life to forget about all your obligations and just do what you want and your heart desires.

          I had never thought of it that way. I have always struggled to do what was required of me and sometimes even more. Then by the time the day was over, I would be ready to throw myself on the couch, simply forget about the world and do something completely mindless. My non-money earning dreams and hopes would remain floating in the clouds of my mind, stuck there for years on end.

          And then I wonder, is relegating those hopes and dreams living? What if by the time you finally have time to follow your dreams you find yourself six feet under? I want to live. I want to follow those dreams.

          Writing, either scientific-related posts or literature, is one of my dreams…

… and I’m ready to start living. Are you?


Welcome to Earthy Roots Journal!


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